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Ambareesh Kannada Movie Ringtones 20

Ambareesh Kannada Movie Ringtones 20: A Tribute to the Rebel Star

Ambareesh was a legendary actor, politician and cultural icon in Karnataka. He was known as the "Rebel Star" for his rebellious roles and attitude. He acted in over 200 films in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages. He won several awards and honors, including the Padma Shri, the Rajyotsava Prashasti and the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award. He passed away on November 24, 2018, leaving behind a legacy of unforgettable performances and memorable dialogues.

To celebrate his life and career, a collection of 20 ringtones from his popular movies was released on SoundCloud by Brent Jaquillard and Djuifobroichh. These ringtones capture the essence of Ambareesh's charisma, style and voice. They include songs, dialogues and background music from movies like Antha, Olavina Udugore, Diggajaru, Gandugali Kumara Rama, Bul Bul and Amar. The ringtones are free to download and use for personal purposes.


One of the ringtones is from Amar, Ambareesh's last movie, which was released posthumously in 2019. The movie marked the debut of his son Abhishek Ambareesh as a lead actor. The ringtone is a romantic song titled "Summane Heege Ninnane" sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. The song features Abhishek and Tanya Hope as the lead pair. The song was composed by Arjun Janya and written by Kaviraj. The ringtone can be heard on YouTube.

Ambareesh Kannada Movie Ringtones 20 is a tribute to the Rebel Star who entertained millions of fans with his acting and personality. The ringtones are a way of keeping his memory alive and honoring his contribution to Kannada cinema.

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