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Vinnukum Mannukum Tamil Movie

Vinnukum Mannukum: A Tamil Romantic Comedy Film

Vinnukum Mannukum (For Space and for Land) is a 2001 Tamil-language romantic comedy film directed by Rajakumaran. It stars Sarathkumar, Vikram, Khushbu and Devayani in the lead roles. The film was produced by R. B. Choudary under his banner Super Good Films. The music was composed by Sirpy and the cinematography was done by Agilan. The film was released on 30 March 2001 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.


The film revolves around the love story of Selvam (Vikram) and Devayani (Devayani), who are from different backgrounds and have different aspirations. Selvam is a simple village boy who returns to his hometown after completing his education in Singapore. He is the younger brother of Sakthivel (Sarathkumar), who is the leader of his village and is respected by everyone. Sakthivel and his wife Lakshmi (Khushbu) are very fond of Selvam and want him to get married and settle down.


Selvam, however, has a dream of marrying a girl whom he has seen in his dreams. He does not know her name or whereabouts, but he is determined to find her. One day, he comes across the photograph of his dream girl in a TV advertisement and learns that she is an actress named Devayani. He is overjoyed and decides to pursue her.

Meanwhile, a film crew arrives in the village for shooting a movie, and Devayani is part of the team. Sakthivel approaches her with his brother's proposal, but she rejects him rudely. She tells him that she is a famous and beautiful actress who cannot marry a villager like Selvam. She also insults Sakthivel and his village, which angers him and the villagers.

Selvam is heartbroken by Devayani's rejection, but he does not give up. He tries to impress her with his sincerity and charm, but she ignores him. He also faces opposition from Devayani's mother (Sukumari), who wants her daughter to marry a rich and influential man. Selvam also has to deal with some goons who are hired by Devayani's mother to harm him.

Will Selvam be able to win Devayani's heart? Will Devayani realize her mistake and accept Selvam's love? Will Sakthivel and Lakshmi support their brother's choice? How will the villagers react to Selvam's love affair? These are some of the questions that are answered in the film.













Devayani's mother

Vinu Chakravarthy

Village elder

Ramesh Khanna

Film director


Village woman

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