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Mossberg 500 Age By Serial Number

Mossberg 500 age by serial number

The Mossberg 500 is a popular pump-action shotgun that has been in production since 1961. It is used by civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel for hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense. The Mossberg 500 series includes several variants, such as the 505, 510, 535, and 590, as well as other models with different names, such as the Revelation 310 and the New Haven 600.


Many Mossberg owners are interested in finding out the age of their shotguns by looking at the serial number. However, this can be a challenging task, as Mossberg does not have an official database for serial numbers. Moreover, the location of the serial number may vary depending on the year of manufacture and the model of the firearm. The serial number can be found on the frame, barrel, near the trigger guard, or on the receiver.

One way to estimate the age of a Mossberg 500 is to use a serial number database compiled by firearm enthusiasts and owners. Such a database can be found on the Mossberg Owners forum, where members have shared their serial numbers and any information they have on their guns, such as the box label or the date of purchase. The database is not complete or official, but it can provide some clues and hints for dating a Mossberg 500.

The database lists some special prefixes that indicate the year or model of the shotgun. For example, AF prefix indicates a 930 model, AT prefix indicates a 535 model, UM prefix indicates an 835 model (UltiMag), and MV prefix indicates a Maverick 88 model. The database also shows some examples of serial numbers with their corresponding years or models. For instance, MV029xxx indicates a Maverick 88 made in March 1989, LA057xxx indicates a 464/30/30 made in 2015, and MVP0008252 indicates an MVP Patrol made in 2017.

Another way to estimate the age of a Mossberg 500 is to use the general rule that Mossberg serial numbers are typically seven characters long. They have a letter prefix and then six numbers, like this: A123456 or Z654321. The letter prefix indicates the model or series of the shotgun, while the numbers indicate the production sequence. The letters are arranged alphabetically, and the numbers are arranged numerically. For example, ALPHA comes before BRAVO, and 100000 comes before 900000. Therefore, a lower letter prefix or a lower number sequence implies an older shotgun.

However, this rule may not apply to all Mossberg 500 models or series. Some models may have different prefixes or suffixes that indicate special features or variations. For example, some military models have a U.S. prefix to the serial number. Some models may also have longer or shorter serial numbers than seven characters. Therefore, it is important to check the specific model or series of the shotgun before using this rule.

In conclusion, finding out the age of a Mossberg 500 by serial number can be difficult, as there is no official database or standard format for serial numbers. However, some methods can help estimate the age of a shotgun, such as using a serial number database compiled by firearm owners or using a general rule based on letter prefixes and number sequences. These methods are not guaranteed to be accurate or reliable, but they can provide some useful information for Mossberg enthusiasts and collectors.


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