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Corel Photo Paint X4 Portable 14

Corel photo paint x4 portable 14

Corel photo paint x4 portable 14 is a version of Corel photo paint x4, a powerful image editing and retouching software, that can be run from a USB flash drive or other removable media without installation. Corel photo paint x4 is part of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4, a comprehensive collection of graphics tools for vector design, layout, tracing, and collaboration.


Features of Corel photo paint x4 portable 14

Corel photo paint x4 portable 14 has the same features as the regular version of Corel photo paint x4, such as:

  • Support for the RAW camera format, which allows users to edit photos with minimal loss of quality and adjust exposure, white balance, and color settings.

  • Interactive histograms, which enable users to preview image adjustments and apply them to specific tonal ranges.

  • Cutout Lab, which helps users to remove unwanted objects or backgrounds from photos using a simple brush tool.

  • Image Adjustment Lab, which provides users with a single dialog box to correct common image problems such as color cast, contrast, and saturation.

  • Smart Carver, which allows users to resize or remove portions of an image without distorting the important elements.

  • Liquid Tools, which enable users to reshape or warp objects in photos using push-and-pull gestures.

  • Photo Effects, which offer users a variety of filters and effects to enhance or transform photos.

  • Photo Stitching, which helps users to create panoramic images by combining multiple photos.

Advantages and disadvantages of Corel photo paint x4 portable 14

Corel photo paint x4 portable 14 has some advantages and disadvantages compared to the regular version of Corel photo paint x4, such as:



No installation required, which saves disk space and avoids compatibility issues with other software.

Possible performance issues due to running from a removable media, which may have slower read and write speeds than a hard disk.

Portability, which allows users to carry the software with them and use it on any compatible computer.

Possible security risks due to storing sensitive data on a removable media, which may be lost or stolen.

No license activation required, which avoids the hassle of entering serial numbers or contacting customer support.

Possible legal issues due to violating the terms and conditions of the software license agreement, which may prohibit the use of the software on multiple computers or devices.

Free alternatives to Corel photo paint x4 portable 14

If you are looking for free alternatives to Corel photo paint x4 portable 14, you may want to try some of these options:

  • [GIMP], which is an open-source image editor that supports many features and formats similar to Corel photo paint x4.

  • [Paint.NET], which is a lightweight and user-friendly image editor that offers basic and advanced tools for photo editing.

  • [Krita], which is an open-source painting program that specializes in creating digital art and illustrations.

  • [PhotoScape X], which is a fun and easy image editor that provides various tools and effects for enhancing photos.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

: [CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4] : [Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4] : [CorelDRAW X4 Portable] : [GIMP]( : [Paint.NET]( : [Krita]( : [PhotoScape X](

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