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What To Buy The Boss Who Has Everything

Executives rarely have time to finish a cuppa before it gets cold. Become their new favorite employee by giving them the Ember Mug. Keeping drinks hot for up to 90 minutes (or all day via the charging coaster) the Ember makes a great gift for bosses who deserve a break.

what to buy the boss who has everything

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This 18oz mug will make a touching gift to any boss who is so much more. Beautifully made in black and gold, the mug comes with a verse that spells out all of their qualities, and includes a lid, spoon, and gift card, all packaged within a silk-finished presentation box.

If your boss is passionate about saving the planet, the Rocketbook will make a great place to start. Putting an end to wasted paper, this book allows users to scan their work and save it to the cloud, before wiping the pages clean again and again.

Bosses can be just a figure to be feared, or a mentor who inspires courage and success. If your boss falls into the latter category, say thank you with this sweet key chain. Made from stainless steel, this key chain features two tabs which are both engraved with an appreciative message.

While giving your boss a massage might be frowned upon, giving them a Shiatsu massager will not! Designed to simulate hand kneading, it also features adjustable heat and intensity settings for added oomph.

This is a simple way to turn a clipboard into a chalkboard, so your boss will be able to write down notes and to-do lists quickly and easily. The clipboard also holds paper like it was designed to do, so it has multiple functions.

If your boss has a beloved dog, or even better brings it to work, this tee will go down a storm. Available with all kinds of breeds featured, these tees are cute and funny as they feature various pooches attempting to ride a bike, trike, or skateboard.

Besides outshining all other glassware, these are designed to enhance the taste and smell of whiskey to its absolute pinnacle. Perfect for the boss who knows their way around a 5 p.m. tumbler of scotch.

A boss only looks like a boss when they wear a good watch to work. This timepiece is stylish, functional, and premium enough to make a statement. A good choice if you want to get them something on the higher-end.

A GIFT for someone who has everything! Retired people love this product. Some people own 3. And it PAYS FOR ITSELF with the seed you will save. It is built to last using stainless steel metal parts and time-tested and proven electrical parts.

Here's a stellar lamp that'll brighten up the boss's desk or add some cool points to a living room shelf at home. The design mimics vintage Braun products and the primary color palette is very eye-catching. It's proof that there very much is something to mood lightning, as this piece brings joy to wherever it goes.

If your boss likes to keep a sharp profile, then they'll love this shoe cleaning kit. It's great for keeping footwear new-ish and shiny, from home or while traveling. It comes with shoe cleaner, a wooden brush, a microfiber towel, and some quick wipes. Hello, polished feet.

There's nothing new about gifting a boss a decent bottle of whiskey. But there is something unique and thoughtful about gifting them a perfectly-aged single malt option aged in old rum barrels. This whisky is incredibly smooth, with some gorgeous tropical notes imparted from the aging regiment. It might even earn you a promotion.

Everyone can appreciate a quality cup of joe, especially your boss. Trade is an affordable coffee subscription service that sources unique blends and ships them to you on your preferred frequency of arrival. Plus, a subscription box to your boss means they're going to be getting new arrivals throughout the year, which means more smiles and more convo's telling you how much they love your gift. This gift is the ultimate power move.

All33's chairs target lower lumbar support to ensure proper posture and comfort. The key to their design is the zero gravity seat that moves with your hips as you shift around. Buy this for your boss solo and gain some major brownie points, or get the office to pool funds together and make the gift a team play.

If you and your boss are more like buds, you can splurge a little on a gift they'll actually use. This sleek charging pad by Courant is the perfect addition to their desk, charging their phone on one side and holding their daily carry on the other.

Paperweights and standard desk ornaments are boring. Instead, impress your boss with this deep sea sand art that is a sure-fire conversation piece. The mesmerizing kinetic sculpture forms landscapes with sand, giving your boss a "mental vacation" at their desk.

While some gifts can be more practical, those that spark laughter are by no means less valuable. In fact, they can make an even larger impact for significantly less cost. Take this journal for example. It's an appropriate gift for your boss but also serves as a funny boss gift that's spot-on for our current Zoom culture.

If your boss could use a personal assistant, get the next best thing: a Google Nest. Not only will it answer all the Google-able questions your manager may have, but it will remind them of meetings, coordinate their commute, and even play their favorite songs to keep the workday more interesting.

The easiest gift play you can make. If your boss has yet to witness the convenience of keeping tabs on their possessions then they'll love an AirTag. And if they already have an AirTag, they could always use one more.

Because this area of buying gifts for your boss is such a potential minefield you need to be extra careful. We found that there are some definite no-nos to this that you want to keep in mind and we have highlighted the top three.

In picking our gift list, we looked at items that will let your boss know you appreciate them and so we selected some personalized gifts such as a journal, card holder, and desk name sign. We also considered that some bosses are also your friends so we included a funny gifts section to cater to this kind of dual relationship.

Even as they leave, you want your boss to know that you care for their well-being and comfort as they undertake their duties. There are a few thoughtful gifts you can consider such as a neck and shoulder massager, an office footrest, a rustic desk lamp, a laptop stand among others. Any of these is bound to make a farewell gift for a boss that he/she will really appreciate.

One of the nicest things you can do while at your place of employment is get your boss a nice gift for the holidays, their birthday, or any other occasion that is coming up. There are a lot of mean bosses out there, but there are also plenty of nice ones that encourage you to work harder every single day and become a better worker.

Looking for the best gift card to get your boss no matter the occasion? If so, make sure to get them a gift card for Olive Garden now so they can try a lot of amazing Italian dishes ranging from chicken parmesan, spaghetti and meatballs, wedding soup, and their signature unlimited breadsticks too!

There are so many different kinds of gift cards to get for your boss, and since your boss may be one of the hardest workers that you know, why not treat them to a gift card specifically for coffee to make sure that they are fueled to get through the rest of the work day? Get a gift card for Caribou Coffee as soon as you can!

There are a lot of amazing gift cards that you can get for anyone, especially your boss. Do you and your boss bond over music, or is your boss obsessed with all of the latest music coming out? Either way, we think that a gift card to Spotify can be the perfect gift card to get any boss, and may be something your boss really appreciates.

Spotify has a little bit of everything when it comes to music, so we definitely think that this will be the perfect gift card for your boss. On Spotify, you can listen to music, podcasts, and so much more. With a lot to offer, consider getting your boss a gift card for Spotify for something different and something that they will love too!

Does your boss love music more than anything? Music can be the one thing that gets anyone through the day, so we think that you should consider getting them a gift card for TIDAL as soon as possible! TIDAL is a very popular music streaming app that features a lot of artists with their latest singles and albums, and so much more too.

Staying organized, especially in an office setting, is something that anyone should consider doing. No matter how organized your boss is, you should consider getting them a gift card for Staples! While getting a gift card for Staples may seem boring, it can actually be very useful when it comes to staying organized.

Are you looking to get the perfect gift card for your boss, but just not sure where to begin looking? Lucky for you, Gift Card Granny has everything that you will ever need when it comes to finding the perfect gift card for anyone, especially your boss, so make sure to check them out today!

The Retirement Gift Box Set is like getting a spa in a box. The spa element of the gift box includes a tranquil lavender soy wax candle, lavender natural castile soap, peppermint-shea lip balm, relaxing rose petal bath bomb, uplifting orange bath bomb, an engraved wooden heart with a customized inspirational message, a heartfelt greeting card, and an optional add-on like a gold necklace or other items. Plus the jewelry portion of this luxury gift box comes with more than a dozen other incredible additions. DearAvaGifts ensures that everything featured in the box is of premium quality.

Edibles Extravaganza is a delicious assortment of tasty snacks worthy of a boss, including dark chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate peanut butter popcorn, and about a dozen other delights. In fact, your former boss will enjoy all-natural granola bars with oats and chocolate chunks, chewy raspberry-flavored gummy fish, Chicagoan local raw honey, buttery English toffee, vanilla and citrus black tea, handmade cinnamon pecan granola, rich handcrafted butter oat cookies, sweet and savory cashew + almond + pecan trail mix, a 12-piece fleur de sel caramel box, and a gourmet chocolate nonpareil candies. 041b061a72