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Download Online 7 12 Pune [HOT]

The 7/12 Pune or satbara Pune is an extract from a land register maintained by the Pune district in Maharashtra. The 7/12 Pune extract includes detailed information about a particular plot in Pune and one can easily check 7/12 Pune online.

download online 7 12 pune

Download File:

Under the new process, the Pune land records department will get latest details of the property transaction from IGR Maharashtra which will be verified. Next, a note will be made that will be shared with buyer, seller and public and a deadline of 15 days will be given for raising any objection. Following this, the transaction will be recorded in property card for a fee, which can be downloaded by the buyer.

The 7/12 utara/ 7/12 online Maharashtra or satbara utara is an extract from a land register, maintained by each district in Maharashtra which gives complete details of a particular plot. 7/12 online is available on Mahabhulekh.

Maha abhilekh can be accessed on Mahabhulekh 7/12 is a one-stop platform for searching, downloading, printing and extracting land documents in the state. 7/12 and 8A documents on Maha abhilekh are important to verify the past ownership and disputes over the land.

7/12 utara online as seen in Mahabhulekh is issued by the revenue department, through the tahsildar. Mahabhulekh 7/12 shows the village form number. Like all other record of rights, the 7/12 utara online in Mahabhulekh 7/12 contains crucial information about the land, including the survey number, the area, the owners, their share in the land, encumbrances on the land, etc.

Mahabhulekh 7/12 allows the land owners in Maharashtra to search and check land records and to get a copy of the 7/12 online, by paying a nominal fee. Property owners can download the digital 712 utara and 8A extracts and property cards from which could be used for legal verification, as well.

While earlier changes in the revenue documents required the people to go to the government office, now, provisions to change the same online have been introduced to save time and be transparent. There are also plans to make available the revenue leaflets online very soon. Under the new 7/12 utara online format, farmers can also click and upload photos of their crops from their mobile phones, eliminating the need for a Talatha to go to the farm. Note that if a person has land at four places, he will be given only one satbara utara. Also, in the new 7/12 online Maharashtra format, people can access all changes made from 2008, digitally on 7 /12 utara.

Create your 7/12 utara online profile with this portal to apply online for notified services by clicking on New User? Register here. You will reach where you can choose either of the options and register yourself for online 7/12 by entering all required details.

Once registered for 7/12 Maharashtra, login to the online 7/12 portal by entering user id and password. Then you will be led to the next page on online 7/12 portal where you have to select Revenue department and land record department from the drop down menu. Then, select Issuing 7/12 extract option from the list and click on proceed. Then, enter the details of 7/12 utara like applicant name, address, Aadhaar card number, email id and registered mobile number. Then go ahead and apply for 712 by entering details like district, taluk, city survey utara online number, GAT etc. Once done, you will see a preview of all details and if fine, click on submit. You will get your Maha Transcation ID in a pop-up window on the 7/12 utara online website which you have to note.

Once done, you will see the fee details to be paid for the 7/12 online application that has to be paid. Once 7/12 Maharashtra fees are paid, you can find your name in the revenue department 7/12 extract list.

Step 3: Select the district, taluka and village, choose between Ankit satbara and akshari satbara, enter the search survey no/gat no. and select survey no/ gat no. and proceed to download the digitally signed 7/12.

Note that Rs 15 will be charged for download of each 7/12 and the amount will be deducted from the available balance. In case Rs 15 is deducted and the 7/12 could not be downloaded, you can download satbara from payment history option. The satbara certificate will be there for 72 hours from the time of payment.

Log on to the digital satbara website and choose the Digitally Signed 8A. Enter district, taluka, village, enter khata no/ first name/middle name/ last name, make the payment and download the digitally signed 8A.

Obtained from Mahabhulekh, property card also known as Malmatta Patrak in Marathi is a record-of-right document that is certified by Maharashtra government. It is very important proof of ownership of property. While both satbara utara and property card are known as record of rights, 712 utara denotes ownership and agricultural details of land in rural area, property card denotes ownership in urban areas. You can download property card from Mahabhulekh 7/12 or get it from city survey offices.

You can check the payment utilization history by logging on the Digitally signed Mahabhulekh portal. Once you have logged in click on payment history. You can see details including date of download, defaced amount, district, taluka/office, village, document type, property number and download.

Property owners can also verify the digital 7/12 signed documents including 7/12 utara and 8A extract and property card. Since all these 7 12 online documents can be used for legal purposes, it is important that you verify the 7/12 extract before presenting it in a court of law.

If the land owner finds any discrepancy or errors in the information in the online Mahabhulekh 7/12 and in the handwritten information in the 7/12 utara Maharashtra, he/she can apply for correction online. The errors may include:

Once downloaded, if you scroll to the left twice, you will get information on Satbara utara and 8-A. Firstly, register in the app by providing the required information and a login ID and password. Then, enter all the details about the area of land in hectares, the season, area for showing the crops, etc. and finally add the photo of the crop and submit the information. All the information provided will be scrutinised by the talathi officials and then, recorded on Satbara online.

Once done, select the archived records from the e mahabhumi that you are looking for. Add the selected documents to the cart on e maha bhumi and finally download the document. Note that since these are scanned documents, there are no human errors and they are authentic.

Land owners should remain alert against various scam apps listed as MahaBhulekh 7 12 on the Google Play Store. There is NO OFFICIAL 7 12 Mahabhulekh MOBILE APP of MahaBhulekh portal except E-Peek Pahani mobile app and all the information required for the 7/12 online document, mutation, etc., should be searched on only. These 7 12 Mahabhulekh mobile apps have been created by private entities and individuals, which could corrupt your mobile phone data or damage the device through malware.

This document can be derived from the Tehsildar's office which has jurisdiction over the city where the land is location. You can obtain the extract for the desired tenure. Alternatively, you can obtain the 7/12 document online by following these steps-

Mahabhulekh Maharashtra is the portal that can be used by the residents of the State to access important land records or Bhulekh Maharashtra. The 7/12 document plays an important role in establishing land ownership. The satbara receipt is used by farmers for crop surveys, loan agreements, and to avail several other government facilities. The Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh portal maintains all the land record holdings under the control of the State government. It is a platform that helps search, extract, and download land documents in the State.

If there is any discrepancy or error between the information available in the online Mahabhulekh Satbara and the handwritten information in the 7/12 extract, you can apply for an online correction. The errors may include-

Users must know that there is no official Mahabhulekh 7/12 online mobile app available on iOS or Google Play. Many third-party apps may entice you to provide Maharashtra land records. These apps may corrupt your mobile phone data or damage the device through malware. If you are looking for information about land records in Maharashtra, you should visit the official website of the State.

Given that Ransai is just 49 km from the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport, it is quickly becoming a hot real estate market. However, at such a strategic location, it is surprising that the local talathi and other revenue officials have not been able to detect land fraud at Ransai over the years, despite the introduction of online land records and sale deeds.

"@context": " ", "@type": "HowTo", "name": "Mahabhulekh: How to download 7/12 Extract online?", "description": "When buying a plot of land in Maharashtra, you should be aware of several legal documents. Among the important ones is a 7/12 extract, which covers the complete information of the property under consideration. This extract is maintained as RoR (record-of-right) by Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers Rules, 1971, and is available on the Mahabhulekh portal.", "step": [ "@type": "HowToStep", "text": "Step 1: Visit the Mahabhulekh Maharashtra website and select the region from the state map on the page or the drop-down menu.", "image": " -content/blogs.dir/6161/files/2016/02/Mahabhulekh-1-413x240.png" , "@type": "HowToStep", "text": "Step 2: Select 7/12 from the menu and the district from the drop-down list.", "image": " -content/blogs.dir/6161/files/2016/02/Mahabhulekh-2-402x240.png" , "@type": "HowToStep", "text": "Step 3: Select County and Village", "image": " -content/blogs.dir/6161/files/2016/02/Mahabhulekh-3-418x240.png" , "@type": "HowToStep", "text": "Step 4: Users can search for records through survey number/group number, alphabetical survey number/group number, first name, last name, or full name.", "image": " -content/blogs.dir/6161/files/2016/02/Mahabhulekh-4-409x240.png" , "@type": "HowToStep", "text": "Step 5: Once the property details are displayed on the Mahabhulekh website, the user has to register on the portal using their mobile number. They can then view the 7/12 extract." ]

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